Fender pays homage to Game of Thrones

There are 3 new Game of Thrones guitars just in time for the finale!

There’s a House Stark Telecaster for $25,000 USD, Maple Neck with Ebony Fretboard. It’s a two piece swamp ash body, with the direwolf on the pickguard.

There’s also a House Lannister Jaguar for $30,000, which is a 2 piece alder body with 24k gold top and back gold leaf. The position markers are brass, and it has fat 50 strat pickups hidden underneath gold lipstick pickup covers.

The House Targaryen Stratocaster is $35,000, and sports an alder body with dragon scale carvings and leather pick guard. The pickups are hand wound Texas Specials. There’s also a Vintage Trem. A side note, a typical Strat is 20 minutes on the C&C, but this guitar took 19 hours on the C&C for scale work.

All 3 also have the house sigil featured on the first fret.

Check out this link for the Fender Video.

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