UAD Marshall Plexi Classic Plugin

The Marshall Plexi Classic is free with the purchase of most Universal Audio hardware like the Arrow or Apollo. It’s a cut down version of their Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 plugin, offering everything except the mic options. As an aside, Tony Platt (AC/DC’s Back in Black album) did the mic setup for the amps.

UAD Marshall Plexi Classic vs Super Lead? The only difference is that the Classic doesn’t have all the microphone options. It only has the SM57.

The Plexi Classic has two channels, which are represented by the Inputs. The first channel (on the left) is the bright channel and the 2nd channel (on the right) is the dark channel. Each channel has a high (top) and low(bottom) input. The really cool thing is that you can jack the two channels together for different sonic options. (See image below.)

The EQ Section is pretty straight forward with Bass, Middle and Treble. The Presence control actually boosts the treble by reducing negative feedback from the power amp going to the high frequencies. There are two Volume Controls, one for each Channel.

The monitor section is where you control the mics. (The Super Lead plugin has more mics to blend the sound.) Since this is the free version, it just has the SM 57, so you can only control that mic, using the pan pot and volume fader. There is also a master EQ section on the output for Low, High and Master Gain.

Here’s a sample of an Gibson SG Neck Pickup with no Amp, and then with the Amp. The settings are included in the image. To do the jumping of two inputs, you can just click the inputs to cycle through them. Use the two Volume knobs to blend the tone.

Hint: you can almost think of this akin to a Gibson SG with both pickups selected and using the two volume knobs to blend their sound.

SG Neck Pickup No Amp
SG Neck with 2 Channels on Amp
UAD Marshall Plexi Classic
UAD Marshall Plexi Classic

Here’s the Bridge Pickup with another setting, using the jumper to select two channels.

SG Bridge Pickup No Amp

SG Bridge with 2 Channels on Amp
UAD Marshall Plexi Classic with Jumpered Two Channels
UAD Marshall Plexi Classic with Jumpered Two Channels
Neck Fuzzy Twang
Fuzzy Twang
Neck Rock Rhythm 1
Rock Rhythm 1
Clean Warm 1

Clean Warm 1

Make sure you have all of the free uad plugins enabled!

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